Can I Get a Used Car Loan with a 500 Credit Score?

Are you looking to finance a used car loan, but are wondering if having a credit score of 500 is enough? It used to be that having bad credit was a major obstacle to getting an auto loan. On car lots, it can be a real challenge to get a reasonable interest rate and payments if you’ve got less than perfect credit. The good news is that there are dealerships in the Greater Toronto area now that are willing to help and Rowley Wilson Auto Sales is one of them. 

It’s really something that can’t be described. Getting excited about that new car only to be turned down for your credit score is like being picked up into a cloud and slammed down on the ground with the news that you can’t get approved for one. However, at Auto Link Financial, you can get approved for a used car loan with a 500 credit score today online. 

At Auto Link Financial, We Can Help!

With the assistance from our Credit Approval Company, you can get everything that you’re looking for when you want to buy a car around your area. Just because a dealer from another car lot says that you can’t get approved for an auto loan with bad credit doesn’t mean its over for you. At Rowley Wilson Auto Sales we are here to help you buy a car with bad credit or any other credit situation that you may have or are going through.