Need An Auto Loan After Bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal can ruin your credit and leave you in a financial mess for months on end. The good news is that it’s not enough to stop you from ever getting credit again, in fact, if you’re in need of a car loan after your bankruptcy Rowley Wilson Auto Sales is willing to help you out right away. We have full faith that you have learned from your past financial mistakes and will continue to move forward in your financial life by making your car note payment each month.


Get a Deal Done When You Need an Auto Loan after Bankruptcy

At Rowley Wilson Auto Sales we want to help you find a vehicle that you like and that you can afford to drive off our lot. The cars on our lots are late model gently used vehicles, but don’t turn your nose up just yet. All of our vehicles have a well-running motor, good tires, low miles and many even come with an extended warranty. The finance specialists at our North York dealership can help you find bad credit auto loan terms that are favorable to you.

How Can A Deal Be Done?

We can make any deal happen as long as you meet our minimum requirements of having a steady income from any source, proof of residency, at least 18 years of age, and a small down payment may be required. We use our own in-house financing to make the deal go through which means that we can play with the numbers all we want because we have no third party finance company that we need to show documentation to or explain why we want to help you get approved. With no third parties involved, everyone is approved!