Obtaining Auto Refinancing After Bankruptcy

After you have filed for bankruptcy, you can be left trying to rebuild your life. Perhaps part of rebuilding your life entails getting new transportation so that you can travel to work or continue to support your family. After bankruptcy, it can feel nearly impossible to purchase a new car with bad credit. You should be aware that there are car loans designed for people who have filed for bankruptcy. These car loans enable individuals who have filed for bankruptcy to get the financing that they need for a new vehicle. Our professionals can help those who have filed for bankruptcy in the process of exploring new auto loan options.

Refinancing Your Loans After Bankruptcy

After a bankruptcy, you may need to take out a:

  • post-bankruptcy auto loan
  • bad credit car loan
  • buy here pay here auto loan

These loans may have a higher interest rate than you like, but you can apply for car loan refinancing at a later date. Many people still take out these loans because they need access to cash to buy a new car. You should know that you can take out one of these types of loans and still refinance them at a later date. If you take out a buy here pay here auto loan, you may not be stuck with that same loan for the rest of your life.

You can have a post-bankruptcy loan and still qualify for refinancing at a later time. Refinancing can help lower the total monthly payment that you make for your vehicle. You can also obtain a more favorable interest rate if you decide to refinance auto loans.